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Table of General Faults

JO L1-5 General Table of Faults



CPE Hours:

To maintain active judging status, judges must complete CPE hours yearly.  The number of required hours is dictated by the highest level of certification held.  N/B: National Judges are under the jurisdiction of Gymnastics Canada.  All National Judges must complete CPE hour as stated in Section 8 of the GCG Women’s Program Manual.

There is a maximum number of hours allowed, by category, to diversify judge’s experience.  i.e. a JO 9 & 10 judge can attend both days of the Optional Clinic.  This is 16 hours, however, they can only count a MAXIMUM of 8 of these hours towards total CPE hours.

Judging Clinics are only required when: judges move to the next certification, judges allow their certification to lapse (i.e. do NOT complete CPE hours), and when the Code changes.  Judges can always choose to attend a clinic to help them complete of CPE hours.

CPE hours must be completed and submitted to P/T chair prior to Provincial Championships.  Form to record CPE hours can be found HERE



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