Gymnastics Saskatchewan has comprehensive judging certification programs in all four disciplines

  • MAG
  • T&T
  • WAG
  • RG

All Judging Clinics are listed in the Calendar of Events.

All judges from Beginner to International levels:

  • Attend clinics
  • Attend workshops
  • Are expected to officiate at a specific number of competitions
  • Are mentored by other judges in the province.

Our athletes need you!
We encourage active and/or retired athletes, interested parents and coaches to take judging certification courses.

Judge Certification Levels

Men’s Program Levels

  • Pre-Competitive CAT
  • Provincial 1
  • Provincial 2
  • National
  • FIG

Trampoline & Tumbling Program Levels

  • Pre-Competitive CAT
  • Provincial
  • National
  • International

Rhythmic Program Levels

  • Pre-Competitive CAT
  • Provincial
  • National
  • Brevet

Women’s Program Levels

  • JO 1-2
  • JO 3-5
  • JO 6-9
  • National Eligible
  • National 1
  • National 2
  • National 3
  • National 4
  • Master Judge
  • Brevet

For further information on Judging certification and regulations see the Technical Regulations on each discipline’s Program Page

Provincial Judging Chairs

For information or questions about Judging, contact the following people:

MAGJamie Goulet
Jon Blazeiko
WAGToni Hansentones84@hotmail.com
TGNicole Templetontempleton.nic@gmail.com
RGKeeley Whittlekmwhittle@sasktel.net

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